Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My New Iris are Popping!

I went outside to check on the weather - several tornados just north of us at the moment - and noticed that my iris have officially gone nuts! One of my favorite spring blooms are iris and because of their drought tolerance, they're very popular in Colorado.  You can generally get iris for free in the fall as your friends and neighbors manage and split bulbs.  I got several dark purple bunches from a neighbor last fall and my mother gave me some from our friends at the Rainbow Iris Farm in my tiny little hometown.  They are absolutely fantastic!!

I love these little flowers and never can remember what they are.  Anyone?


  1. I think Beth's right. They're sometimes called "pinks"
    I don't really think I have enough sun for Iris, but I wish I did- they're so dramatic. On the other hand I shouldn't really have enough sun for Peonies, and my peony bush is blooming its little heart out with deepest burgundy blooms. If I finish installing the fence this long weekend, I would love to put another peony in next to it, where it will get more sun.
    I did a lot of Xeriscaping in full sun when we lived in SLC, but now the only spot not under huge trees is on the north side, so I'm learning all about shade plants now..