Monday, May 17, 2010

Doors of Essouira

One of the things that obessively took photos of during my years traveling Morocco were doors.  Since I did my time there before the advent of affordable digital cameras, most all my pictures are prints.  One of these days, I'll go on a scanning spree and post some of my favorites.

Today The House in Marrakesh has a post featuring photos of Doors of Essouira. If you explore a little deeper, she also has some great spreads of other cities doors.  Essouira is one of my favorite of all the villages and cities I spent time in.  It's a small sea side town with a rich heritage (all of Morocco has a rich heritage.)  There are food stalls along the beach where you can pick freshly caught (I'm talking like out of the water for 10 minutes) fish, have it grilled over an open fire and served with salt, pepper and a simple selection of spicy condiments.  I could sit at thost stalls all day!

B1 and I have been trying to brush up on our Moroccan arabic lately.  When he was learning to speak his daycare gal only spoke arabic and french to him and I tried to mainly speak arabic with him at home.  Over the years though, we stopped.  We've been doing a few words each night as I put him down for bed.  It's been especially challenging since I'm also trying to learn Spanish at the moment.  My brain only seems capable of english plus about 75% of a second language.  When my Spanish teacher says a phrase my mind immediately defaults to arabic before it will let me even attempt the Spanish.

B1 hasn't been to Morocco since he was a baby so has no memories of it.  My promise to him as been that he and I will go after he graduates from high school.  Since he's becoming quite a bike guy in his own right, perhaps we'll bike Morocco!

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