Tuesday, May 11, 2010


And now for some baking.....well, cooking really. This is going to be about cooking and food in general, but Biking and Cooking just didn't have the ring.

First a note about how we eat. 

We work to eat healthy.  We love food, lots of it...really....huge appetites in this house. 
We're carnivores and happy for it.  A giant, rare steak swimming on the plate with nothing else to get in the way - heaven! We try our best to eat well, eating whole foods and cooking mostly from scratch. We buy organic when it makes sense, local when possible.  During the Colorado growing season we grow most all the veggies we need and get our fruit from a CSA.  We bake our bread (he bakes our bread.) We buy all natural milk from a local dairy and get eggs from a friend at my office. You know, pretty much everything that's hip and cool and politically correct.  But that's not to say we don't eat crap from time to time.  Moderation is a magical thing....and so are Corn Pops and hot dogs with everything and green chili fries and NY style pizza w/ extra grease and spoonfulls of Nutella and Carl's Jr. 

Last night for dinner was a representation of something more in that first category ~  Mustard greens and chicken apple sausage over quinoa and barley.  Red peppers, mushrooms, onions and apples added a fantastic flavor boost!

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