Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Egg Day

In other news ~ Tuesday is egg day. One of my coworkers brings in organic, happy eggs from her friend's farm. They are way cheaper than happy eggs from the grocery store and a little cheaper than the only moderately happy eggs from our dairy. Backyard chickens are legal in Denver and every few months we contemplate setting up shop for our own eggs (and meat for that matter) but fortunately, we always manage to talk ourselves out of it.
My "job" on the family farm was tending to the chickens when we were there. I remember going to the farm a few times a year to do "food work" like dressing chickens, slaughtering hogs, canning veggies and freezing fruit. These trips were all work and very little play, unlike our typical visits where we'd spend hours eating green apples in the orchard or me, getting lost in corn fields, lured there by the boys and a magical creature called a snipe.

I'll surely write more about the farm on this blog. We sold it in January and while the older home place is still in the family, tended to by a second cousin, this was the farm where I spent my youth and where my mother grew up.

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