Sunday, May 23, 2010

Diggin' in the Dirt

We bought this house four years ago and I'm very happy about how the yard is shaping up.  We've torn up the entire 6,000 or so square foot yard which was full of weeds - specifically goat heads! - and replaced it with beautiful, super lush and soft sod.  We've laid new flagstone patio areas and walk ways. G built an amazing play house, giant sandbox and play area for the kids. We've put in beds that are now flourishing with lovely flowers and shrubs and overall it's getting close to perfection! 

Yesterday we finished pouring the concrete for the base of our Pompeii oven, we planted zucchini, cucumbers, more spinach, more basil, more cabbage, watermelon, acorn squash and green beans, and we stood around staring at the only space in the whole yard that gets cool evening shade and wondered why the heck we're using it as a place for storing various backyard crap....and then the deck plans began to develop.

The boys forming up the oven base.

One of the front yard beds in bloom.

The playhouse.

Blooming chives and asparagus (year two.)  The asparagus has doubled since planting last year.  We should be able to harvest a little next year and eventually it will establish in this whole bed.  In the background is a new grape arbor.  Our vine is three years old and doing well.  I expect by the end of the summer it will be climbing over the top.

The what the heck are we doing storing crap in this spot. A new deck to come!

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