Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Snow, Pink Eye, Spanish Class and Apple Tarts

That's been my day so far. 

Woke to a blanket of cold wet snow.  I had to go knock the white stuff off  my forsythia and lillies to save them from certain spring snow devastation.  B2 woke with two goopy eyes.  I left the bike at home and hopped in the minivan because I needed to get B1 to school and myself to the pharmacy, back home and then to the office quickly. That's what minivans are for, after all, racing harried mothers around town. 

I arrived at work just in time for Spanish class, in which I'm doing HORRIBLY.  And G just sent me pics of the apple tart he made this morning, with homemade puff pastry dough.  He followed up with a phone call to say B2 doesn't want to leave the house so I have to wait until I get home to have any.  Hrmph.

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